Headlight flashers. $20 each. From left to right: 1 Federal Signal FA45, 2 Federal Signal FP3s, 2 Federal Signal FA5Cs, 1 Federal Signal FP1, 3 Federal Signal FHL2s, 1 Federal Signal FA4C-IMP, 1 Code 3 700, and 1 Federal Signal FA4C-IMP new in the box.

Signal Vehicle Products LCS7 Siren and switchbox combo. Has 3 position pursuit switch and 4 rocker switches plus siren controls. $50.00

Sho-Me mini bar. 2 rotators. Blue filters. Hardwired. $ 25.00

Code 3 3920/25 New In The Box. $100.00

Dual Linear Dash Light- New- Red/Blue- Includes full un-cut coiled cord w/ cig plug, mounting bracket, suction cups, reflective stickers, dimming switch on rear, LED display showing pattern on rear. $60

Strobe power supplies. $30 each. From left to right: 1 Galls RPS-435GQ, 1 Nova Superpak 806, 1 nova Superpak 906, 1 Whelen UPS-64LXA, 1 Sho-Me 21.7660, 2 Code 3 PSE690s, 1 SoundOff Pulsar ETP475, 1 Whelen ISP188.

AWL AP-4 Surface Mount Light. Red/Blue split. 4 3-watt leds. New out of box. #25.00 EACH

Code 3 MX7000- 2 inner fast rotators with blue half filters to the front and red half filters to the rear. 3 strobes. 1 clear strobe in the center and 1 blue strobe on each end. 2 flashers on the bottom front with red filters, 2 takedowns, left and right alley lights, and 2 intersector lights. $200 O.B.O

Federal Signal Viper S2. Blue/Blue. Works great. No bracket. $75.00

AWL AP-DUAL Dash Light/Light Stick- New- RED/BLUE. Removable flashback shield.- $80